15 May13

Govt freezes NGO's account (Hindustan Times)
17 May'13Centre using FCRA provisions for "state terrorism", say NGOs (Business Standard)

Centre using FCRA provisions for 'state terrorism': NGOs (Zee News)

Need to Change the Judicial & Political System, Resolves People’s Convention (BEYOND HEADLINES)

NGOs oppose freezing of INSAF account (DNA)
18 May'13Freezing of Bank Account Cannot Stifle Democratic Voice (BEYOND HEADLINES)

Protest against govt’s move to ban NGO (Khaleej Times)
20 May '13Activists bristle as India cracks down on foreign funding of NGOs (THE WASHINGTON POST) Rama Lakshmi
21 May '13Restrictions on NGOs Threaten Civil Society in India, the World’s Largest Democracy (FREEDOM HOUSE)
23 May'13If Malala were an Indian (DAWN, Pakistan) Javed Naqvi

Is the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act a tool to curb dissent? ( Daanish Raza

Under UPA, dissent isn’t just being silenced, it is being criminalised (TEHELKA) Shoma Chaudhury

Talktime on FCRA by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta - LOKSABHA TV (Parliament TV) 
Speakers: Anil Chaudhary (INSAF) & Mathew Cherian (Helpage India). 
First broadcast - May 23 Thurs 8 pm, 
Repeats - 26 May Sun 7 am, 27May 11 am, 30May 4 pm.

Indian Gov’t on Collision Course With Civil Society (Inter Press  Service) Ranjit Devraj
end May'13Whose public interest? (FRONTLINE) Jayati Ghosh

How the government suppresses dissent ( Praful Bidwai 
In Hindi (Rashtriya Sahara - June 4)
 June13And Justice for INSAF (HARDNEWS) Amit Sengupta

NGO FORUM ON ADB urges ADB to help “unfreeze” INSAF’s account
11 June 13India cracksdown on foreign funding of NGOs (Guardian Weekly) Rama Lakshmi

Bihar-Patna Press Conference News
15 June 13NGO Funding - INSAF Suspended (FRONTLINE)

How India deals with NGOs (German Radio WDR5)
4 July 13Quotes by Prominent people (Humvatan)
12 Jul'13INSAF interview "You want to protest against the government : Be prepared to face the harrasment" (Ei Samay, Bangla daily from Times Of India) Soumitra Dastidar

13 Jul'13India Neglects Its Commitments On Human Rights Defenders By Suspending The FCRA Of The INSAF (CounterCurrents) Ville-Veikko Hirvela
17 Jul'13Government wreaks hell in the path of Justice (INSAF) - Khabarmantra, Ranchi by Sanjay Jha
02 Sep13